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The aim of Yeditepe University is to enable the creation of an engaged youth, leading Turkey into a higher place among nations by following the principles of Atatürk’s Renaissance. In this sense, foreign language is considered a source material for transfer of authentic knowledge and communication both to and from the world. Therefore, our University pays great attention to foreign languages; hence education is conducted predominantly in English.

In line with the objectives and principles of our university, our aim as the School of Foreign Languages is to provide our students with at least a second and even a third foreign language in addition to the language of education of the department they are studying with our full-time and part-time instructors.

We also offer French, English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese language courses, which are the official languages of the United Nations Organization. In addition to these languages; German, Korean and for foreign students, Turkish Language and Culture Courses are offered.

Our school, which was previously under the auspices of the Foreign Languages Department of the Rectorate, is located on the 6th floor of the Fine Arts Building at Kayışdağı August 26 Campus, and serves the needs of our rapidly growing university.

As the School of Foreign Languages, we can group our educational field under four main headings:

  1. Compulsory language courses
  2. Elective language courses
  3. English speaking courses
  4. Turkish courses for foreigners

The School of Foreign Languages offers language courses in different (hourly / weekly) programs according to the demands of the Faculties and Departments.

For students aware of the importance of foreign language in cultural and professional fields and not content with just one foreign language, we offer language programs as elective courses. These courses are 3 hours per week.

We wish success for our students and trust they will take part in future society as contemporary individuals by learning one or more foreign languages in addition to having a good vocational education.